5 Things Logan Paul Owns Only The Richest Can Afford

5 Things Logan Paul Owns Only The Richest Can Afford

Hi everyone, now throughout the year Logan Paul has gained a significant amount of popularity on the internet. From being, a Viner to a youtuber to a singer and now even an actor. It's fair to say that Logan's fairly busy and due to this, it's allowed him to have a lot of extra money on the side to buy whatever he wants. So without further ado, here are five crazy things Logan Paul bought that only the richest can afford. Now, if you like these videos then make sure you leave a like on the video and subscribe to the channel for more videos like these. Now, if you did subscribe to the channel then make sure you leave a comment saying I subscribed, as a few lucky comments will be winning Amazon gift cards. But anyway, let's get right into today's video, number 5 fully customized school bus, most people usually think about buying average cars or maybe even luxury cars. If you can afford them, however this doesn't apply for everyone. One day Logan just woke up and had the idea of buying a school bus, he tweeted out this. I bought a school bus, yep I woke up one day and said I need a school bus. So then, I got one the bus alone must have been pretty pricey alone however after customizing, it must have been way more expensive especially when you see what he did. Do it from wrapping it in blue to all sorts of other customizations. This bus is unlike any other and it's estimated to be worth around $100,000 that is smart class with the press of a button number four diamond-encrusted grills.

Recently, Logan bought himself a new set of grills worth ten thousand dollars. That's right Logan bought himself a blinged-out set of customized teeth that cost him as much as an average car. These grills are solid white gold and studded with diamonds all over, also there's even his last name spelled out with rubies on the top section although. This is something that most of us wouldn't even dare of buying for that kind of money, it definitely is a good conversation piece and a sign of his hard earned wealth number, three platinum Rolex back.

When Logan was visiting Dubai, he treated himself to a Rolex day-date in platinum with a nice blue dial and Roman numerals. This watch is said to be in the $40,000 range and for a watch. That's a very big investment even for a Rolex. However, whether you're a fan of Logan or not, it's hard to criticize a guy who at 22 years of age bought a platinum Rolex with his own hard-earned cash. This accessory on his wrist can continuously remind him about everything, he's achieved and yet to achieve in the near future though first off. It's made of platinum, it's the most precious metal. There is the presidential Rolex, because one day like who knows it might be President, the second hand does not tick it glides. It's called the sweeping tape watch and there's no battery moves with like kinetic energy.

So, when you move like this that's what powers it number 2 Mercedes-Benz SUV cars are expensive and that's no surprise to anyone. But, most people don't even dream about spending $300,000 on a car. Well, that is unless you're Logan Paul this 2017 Mercedes G-class SUV is one of Mercedes most expensive cars and luxurious cars to date. However, just like his bus, Logan did also customize this car too from steps that pop out. Once you open the door to adding an actual train horn, this car literally has Logan's name written all over it.

Guys, this is the new member of the family. Before by four squared G-Wagen raised, this car is so big, compared to member one six million dollar mansion sue didn't. We think of famous people, we often connect them with a large house due to their success and Logan is no exception to this rule in 2017. Logan purchased a six point five five million dollar house which sits on an acre of land in the very luxurious Rancho Estates neighborhood, but besides the house already having more than enough of anything, Logan already has added in his own touches, such as a personal gym and a pond in the garden and this is most likely nothing in comparison to what we can expect in the coming months. Thanks for watching the video.