Logan Paul Merch UNBOXING

Logan Paul Merch UNBOXING

My shoes, I know, I haven't been posting have a new feeling a lot to buy but today my cousin he ordered me a maverick sweater. So, a maverick is by Logan Paul. Before he ordered me a sweater, it was supposed to come for my birthday, but it came late. So, it's just arriving now and I received it. I can't show the back, because cause I'll be really revealing my address and everything.

So, this is how the bag came and in the back like I said. So make sure, you like and subscribe and I'll be getting into your sweaters. So once you open it, it comes something fell. But it comes into this transparent bag and it says, I don't know what that is. But, it's just the colors and the size and then my extra small then when you open it, it's the Maverick sweater. It comes with this tag, it says maverick by load and Paul and there just has all the information and then cool. Of course, Mavericks. I'm really happy with it and he always says that you will never be cold with the sweater and everything that was that I always thought that was like.

It's just saying that we buy it, but it's actually really like it, keeps you warm. It's kind of like this type of sweaters that are like really hot and I really like it. I'm always gonna wear it. Of course and it also came with a literal what's it called those stickers peel off or whatever it is. I'm not sure what it's called. So, like I was saying, it comes with this that's a savage and it's like the peel. I'm just gonna place it in my hand, as you can see, I'm just gonna place it like. So, I'm always gonna have it now and I'm really happy with my sweater, a shout out to my cousin he. Kind of likes take part and my god and he knew, I liked Logan that's why and he was playing on to order Jake Palmer's to make me mad. But, he didn't do it. So props to you for not doing that cuz. I don't get mad and then I don't know, I just really liked it and I'm happy with it. I don't know what else to say, because I mean look at this look at it.

I'm happy see, I'm gonna put it on right now. So, you kind of get the idea what it looks like on. So yeah, so I have it on right now as you can see taste your wonder and of course, it's so extra small and you can see the logo be mad break now. It's like I said, it's hot outside, it's cold. I live in Chicago and this you know, it's the Windy City and it's like chilly over here. Right now, I'm cold and this will keep me warm, like I don't like wearing like big jackets and everything. But definitely will wear this and it has like the pockets right here.

So yeah guys this was basically. So make sure, you like this video and subscribe down below appear and the low gang. So, you show at the end of the kanga video. I will show how it looks like in Bali.

So yeah guys, it's so yeah guys, that's how it looks like. It's kind of like from the bottom, but that's okay because I don't like really short sweater sometimes and it's really good and like it so.